To celebrate the 500th anniversary for the Protestant Reformation, the Every Nation School of Empowerment presents the inaugural School of Prayer in Berlin, Germany. Come and be ignited with a passion for prayer that changes nations and ushers in God’s Kingdom!


The Every Nation School of Prayer will be hosted at Every Nation Kirche Berlin from 9 October - 13 October 2017.

Curriculum | Equippers

Application Deadline: 15 September | Payment Deadline: 30 September (Discount available for pastors and staff). 

Cost: €100 with an additional €5 for a prayer trip to Wittenberg.

Begin and End Times for the School:

School Start: 9 October

  • Registration: 9am

School End: 13 October

  • The last session will end at 9pm.

Church on Saturday evening at 5pm and 7:30pm, 14 October

  • Jim Laffoon will be preaching