The Every Nation School of Empowerment presents the School of Healing for the very first time. Come and be equipped in healing the soul through the power of the Holy Spirit, including: healing wounds, breaking curses, casting out demons, and renewing the mind. 


The Every Nation School of Healing will be hosted at Every Nation Kirche Berlin from 8 November - 11 November 2016.

Curriculum | Equippers

Application Deadline: 15 October | Payment Deadline: 31 October (Discount available for pastors and staff). 

Beginn and End Times for the School:

School begin, 8 November

  • Registration: 5 -6pm
  • Dinner: 6 - 7pm (provided) 
  • Equipping (Session 1): 7 - 9pm

School end, 11 November

  • Final Session finshed by 9 pm

Church on Saturday evening at 5pm and 7:30pm, 12 November

  • Jim Laffoon will be preaching